Oftentimes we see the behavior and attempt to address that as the primary cause. However, more often than not the behavior is caused by something else.

Sound Health

We often recommend music for a plethora of reasons. Although Learning Ears requires the Listening Program which provides a protocol there are other options for goals. For example, The Sound Health Series has wonderful music for Language, Learning, Focus, Attention . Imagine, they did the work for you. Your job is only to purchase and play.

Labels, Attention, Anxiety

Although labels are important when it comes to services in schools, they can be difficult to navigate and understand. Parents and professionals can benefit from hearing Gayle’s perspective on this topic.

Wise Words From Gayle

Here is a short demo of training Gayle put forth for parents and professionals. What happens in the brain as one is trying to read. What happens when we are trying to learn? What are the potential roadblocks and what can we do about them?

The Power of Music

Music has the power to unleash potential that you didn’t even know was there. Gayle shares a story of how she used music to help a student realize her potential and fulfill goals she never knew was possible.

Be Here Now

In this short video posted by our sister company Sound Foundations for Parenting you can learn 10 tips to more effective parenting.