“The greatest obstacle to a person reaching their potential is the inability to receive and process information more accurately and effectively.”

– Gayle L. Moyers

Learning Ears® is a proven educational program that significantly increases a person's ability to listen, speak, communicate and learn.

The Learning Ears® Program

The Tool

Gayle Moyers, educational therapist and reading specialist created Learning Ears® as a tool to improve a person’s ability to receive, understand, and retain incoming information.

Two Programs

This 20 week program combines Advanced Brain Technologies’ Listening Program and Moyers Learning System’s Ear Voice Training to develop listening, language and reading skills fundamental to learning and achievement.

The Process

The individualized program requires students to work 30 minutes daily, five days each week. Four training phases target specific skill development. The LE Certified Practitioner administers, monitors and adjusts each program.

As struggling students learn to listen, interpret and remember information, they can overcome learning challenges and experience success within weeks of training.

People of all ages can benefit from the listening and ear-voice training combined with specialized instruction for reading and spelling skills.