Helpful Links

Sound Foundations for Parenting Podcast Let’s face it, parenting is the most important job on earth! Use this podcast as a resource for parents. We have interviewed Gayle Moyers and a host of pioneers in the field of education and parenting.

Raddish Kids Start Cooking!  The kitchen is the tastiest place to learn. Kids develop new cooking skills and confidence in the kitchen all while the entire family builds memories together.

The Listening Program Improve your sound brain fitness! Our team of experts develops sound tracks of evidence-based music to improve your attention, memory, listening, creativity, and communication, while reducing stress, and enhancing your cognitive health, mood and sense of well-being.

Simply Smarter Simply Smarter takes just minutes a day! Use the brain training tools online at your own pace. Online activities are targeted to your current skill level and adapt as your skills improve.

Deeper Dive Learning, Inc. Engage parents and families for greater student success! FamilyU provides modules to support parents with discipline, reading at home, building reading & math fluency, cyber security, & more!

Big Rocks Little Kids How can I make life at home with the kids more manageable?  While there may be no perfect guidebook for raising your child, this resource will certainly help you cover your bases and maintain a focus on doing the right things to support them on their road to success.

Parent Power Training Are you ready to help your child be a better learner? Through this this easy to understand format you will learn: Learning Readiness, How vs. What We Learn, the Power of Music. The Role of The Professional and Parents Make The Difference.