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For the first time in 30 years, Learning Ears® is offering online training courses for clinicians and educators.

This program is for those working with children and adults in the areas of communication, learning, wellness, and brain performance.

Enroll in the On-Demand Courses

  1. Train from the comfort of your own home or office, and at your own pace, with the Learning Ears® On-Demand Courses.

  2. Finish your training when it’s most convenient for you — perfect for professionals with busy, changing schedules.

  3. Receive instant access to training materials and support is readily available for you. 

  4. We provide practical advice and strategies you can apply immediately upon course completion.

  5. And, we have just added a step-by-step action app which will guide you through the entire program. 

Weekly Mentor Meetings

Learning Ears® was developed by an actual practitioner. Gayle L. Moyers understood what it was like to deliver the program in a clinical setting as well as remote, because she implemented it herself. With this in mind, she strategized a weekly practitioner meeting.

In this mentor meeting you meet and collaborate with other field professionals on a host of topics. We have covered difficult case studies as well as clarified seemingly simple program delivery concepts.

We are all in the field of teaching to one degree or another. It is our job to keep learning and share the learning with one another. When you complete your online training you can join a weekly discussion group and the Learning Ears® facebook group

Get Started

Level 1 : Practitioner​

Learning Ears Online Certification provides Level 1 authorization to utilize Learning Ears® in a designated field of study. Professionals must show evidence of professional background and experience in a given field. This may include education, speech and language pathology, occupational therapy, psychology. Program delivery is not restricted to these fields of study.

Completion of the online training course provides a base level understanding of the program. The 9 required modules covers foundational strategies such as Why Learning Ears? Delivering Listen and Repeat Lessons. Methods for establishing program goals. Quick Tips. Child Development Expectations. Building A Case Study.

Online Trained Professionals participate in weekly mentor meetings to review Learning Ears® strategies and answer practical questions.

Level 2 : Consultant

Certification in Level 2-Consultant Training requires the LE practitioner to administer the LE Program to 5 clients (students) and participate in a minimum of 20 weekly, one hour on-line conferences.

Each Learning Ears Consultant will agree to deliver LE to clients who have needs and challenges that match the practitioners area of expertise and professional training.

Consultants may enroll one student in the LE program free of charge. In addition, Level 2-Consultants will have priority to own their zip code. Complete your Consultant level training and never have competition in your area with Learning Ears again. The extra bonus to attaining Level 2 Consultant status is lead generation. The unique Learning Ears marketing system will connect you with interested families that you can take on as clients.

Prerequisite: Learning Ears Level 1

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Level 3 : Trainer

Level 3 Training requires the supervision of 5 Level 2-Consultants. This individual also leads weekly meetings and contributes to the overall infrastructure of Learning Ears LLC.

If you are looking for a way to help practitioners learn and deliver Learning Ears, Level 3 Trainer is your goal. You can make additional income hosting weekly LE meetings and continue your process of learning and growing as a practitioner.

Prerequisite: Learning Ears Level 1 and 2

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“I highly recommend Learning Ears for anyone who wants to prepare their brain and body for advanced-life-long learning and success in the world.”

— Clarise Lyon