Gayle Moyers

“I have personally witnessed the power of her work to unleash the latent potential in others, allowing their once dim light to shine bright for the world to enjoy.”

– Alex Doman

Gayle Moyers, educational therapist, spent her entire career seeking to find new methods for children and adults to learn. She became a specialist in developing interventions to improve auditory input and listening skills for adults and children who struggle to learn. Gayle worked with challenged learners for more than 55 years.

She diligently pursued knowledge and gained experience using music as a change agent for improving achievement. She is the developer of Learning Ears®, which uses TLP’s specially recorded and modified music, to retrain the brain to improve a person’s ability to receive, understand and retain information.

Her programs and teaching methods are able to reach students who are unable to benefit from traditional instructional programs and tutoring. She is a credentialed teacher and a Certified Educational Therapist. She founded the Moyers Center for Learning in San Diego, California (1983-2001) and is currently president of Moyers Learning Systems in Austin, Texas.

Darren McCarthy

“Darren was able to assess my daughter's area of need and structure a program for her. I saw significant progress in reading and her confidence.”

– Dana K.

A former classroom teacher and instructor at Moyers Learning Systems, Darren has learned every facet of Learning Ears® by implementing the program. There were no shortcuts along the way. With Gayle’s guidance and coaching, Darren co-authored the Listen and Repeat Lessons as well as the organization of the Learning Ears® delivery system.

After spending 10 years working internationally in the field of auditory intervention and training Darren combined efforts with Karen Schuster, M.Ed he co-founded Sound Foundations for Learning. This learning center provided comprehensive services for children dealing with a host of learning challenges.

Darren is the co-host for Sound Foundations for Parenting Podcast, the owner of Sound Foundations for Learning and the CEO of Learning Ears®, LLC.


What is Learning Ears®?

Learning Ears® is a program for anyone who wants to learn more efficiently and live with more motivation and vitality. The average program is 20-weeks and combines the specialized Ear-Voice Training exercises developed by Moyers Learning Systems and the music of The Listening Program developed by Advance Brain Technologies to activate and train specific listening abilities. This in turn maximizes a person’s potential for learning, job performance and personal growth. Adults and children have enjoyed the benefits and outcomes of this program over the past three decades.

Aren’t Listening and Hearing the same?

Listening and hearing are not the same. Hearing happens automatically whether we are wawake or asleep. Listening, however, is what we do with what we hear and requires specific skills, intention and focus.

Who is a good candidate for the Learning Ears® Program?

People of all ages can benefit from the Learning Ears® training and exercises including someone with attention deficit disorder, dyslexia, learning disability, communication and emotional challenges, developmental delay, sensory integration disorder and underachievers who lack the ability to take in and understand instruction.

What is the appropriate age for Learning Ears?

People of all ages can benefit from the training and exercises in the Learning Ears program. It is used effectively with students who are challenged by language delays, communication disorders, learning disabilities, autistic spectrum, developmental delays and attention deficits. It is also appropriate for individuals who want to improve their listening and communication skills for professional and personal growth.

Can Learning Ears be done without a practitioner/coach?

This program has been delivered effectively through the course of 3 decades with the guidance of a practitioner. In many cases delivery also requires parent support and implementation. If you want to make lasting change it takes effort. Our well-trained practitioners learn all of the nuances of this program AND the trade secrets Gayle Moyers refined over the course of 55 years in the field. You do not want to cut corners to save a few dollars and sacrifice the long lasting effects for the listener.

Can Learning Ears be implemented without The Listening Program

No, the listening program is a unique auditory stimulation and training program with an excellent method for delivery. There are two main systems we are addressing through Learning Ears; the auditory system and the vocal system. We want to wake up the auditory system and help the listener be calm and attentive. We are also exposing the system to training and a host of sound frequencies. At the same time, we are working on the vocal system to benefit an improved listener. The two systems work together on the two systems. It’s a unity that makes all the difference.